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Google Analytics with Designer X

Support > Designer since 11.2019 > Use

To activate Google Analytics, the web analysis tool, for the Designer, proceed as follows:

1. Google Analytics

First you need a «Google Analytics» account. Please note, that you can usually manage all services offered by Google through a central account. So if you already have a so-called Google Account (e.g. if you use Google GMail), you do not need an additional one for the Google Analytics tool. Then continue with point 3.

2. Create Google account

If you clicked «Create Account», a new «Create Google Account» page will open.

Now enter your «first name» and «last name» here. Then decide whether you'd like to add an existing «email address» (private or business, which must then be confirmed),or whether you'd like to receive a new corresponding email address. Then choose a new «password» of at least 8 characters, with a mixture of upper & lower case letters, numbers and symbols. Be sure to define a secure password. Then confirm your password by entering it a second time and then click on «Next».

Google wants that you confirm your identity. Enter now the phone number of your mobile phone. Then click on «Next».

You will receive an SMS with a 6-digit code. Insert this code and then click on «Verify».

3. Login

Log in with your Google Account (email and password). Then click on the button «Login» (Sign-up) in the grey box. Now log in with your Google account for the Google service «Google Analytics». You can understand this as a registration for a service within the entire offer of Google. Then click on the «Sign up» button in the grey box.

Now fill out the form fields as follows:

  • What would you like to record (website | mobile app)?: Choose Website.
  • Account Name: Choose a name for the account. You can also choose the name of your domain here.
  • Name of the website: Choose a name for your website: e.g. My New Page.
  • Website URL: Enter the URL of your (future) website: e.g.
  • Industry category: Select an industry.
  • Time zone: Select the correct zone (usually Austria).
  • Data sharing settings: As a rule, we recommend that you remove all hacks here.

Click on the blue button «Get tracking ID» and accept the Google Analytics terms of use by clicking on «I agree».

4. Website tracking

Now copy the TrackingID starting with «UA-XXXXXXXXX-X» under the item «Website Tracking» uand paste it into your Designer under the menu item «Page Settings» - «Google Analytics».

After one day at the latest, you should now find all information about visitors on your website. You may still need to confirm the ownership of the domain. If this is the case, you can do this as described under the following link, starting with step 2.