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Image editing / Photo editor

Support > Designer > Images

Designer from Hoststar includes a comprehensive photo editor. This allows you to edit, crop and customize the uploades photos at any time and any way you like.

After «logging into Designer», follow these steps:

1. Image editing while pasting

How to insert a picture can be found in this manual: Add image

1.1 Pictures overview

Select «Recent» on the overview of the image source. If you move the mouse over the desired image in this view, you will see a «Gearwheel» icon. Click on the icon.

1.2 Picture details

Here in the «Edit Image» view, the image is displayed with 3 buttons:

To the right of the picture you can see the Image attributes, where you can define the caption and description.

1.3 Edit image

You can find out more about the photo editor under point 2.3.

1.4 Preview image

By clicking on the «Preview image» button, the image is immediately displayed in large size in a preview. If you want to return, click on the «X» symbol in the upper left corner or on «Close preview».

1.5 Delete picture definitively

Click on the «Waste bin» icon to permanently remove the image form the Designer's image manager, also definitely delete it from your database.
WARNING: Deleting the image is not possible with «Royalty Free Images» (Stock images) purchased through credits.

The image will be deleted immediately. This step cannot be undone!

1.6 Image attributes

The «Image attributes» are displayed in the right pane. Here you can enter an «image title» and a «description». These are displayed below the image on your website. Then click on «Save» and then on the top left on the «Back» respecively «Arrow» symbol.


2. Image editing after adding

Of course, you can also edit, exchange, change, etc. any image already placed on your website.

If you have placed an image on your website and move the mouse over it, you will see the following editing options with the corresponding icons:

  1. Move image widget
  2. Change image
  3. Photo-Editor
  4. Widget settings
  5. Delete widget

2.1 Move image widget

Click on the «Move» icon, hold down the mouse button and drag the image to the desired location. Then release the mouse button and the image will be re-positioned. If you are not satisfied with the newly selected area for the image, repeat the process until you are satisfied with the layout of the page.

2.2 Change image

If you want to change an image, click on the «Change» icon. The image management dialog box opens. You can now select another one from the «Recently» images or upload a completely new one via «Upload».

2.3 Photo Editor

To edit an image in brightness, color, etc., click on the «Photo editor» icon. The image editor of the designer is loaded with the selected image in a pop-up window. In the upper area you will see the tools for editing the image.

The selection of tools is extended by clicking on the «arrow symbol». Design or edit the image according to your wishes. Click «Save» at the end to apply the adjustments.

2.4 Widget settings

If you click on the «Gear» or «Settings» icon, an area with various setting options opens on the left. You can also change the image by clicking on the «Change image»button.Or by clicking on «Edit image» you will get to the photo editor.

Then follow the settings that you can only make here. If you want to link the image, e. g. to a page of your website, you can set or enter this under «Image link». Depending on the selection, further options such as the selection of the internal page, or an input field for an external link, such as the selection of the handling for the target window, or an input window for an e-mail address are displayed.

You can also adjust «Display settings» here. Select the scale, therefore, the size in which the image is to be displayed. Define the alignment (left/middle/right). You can then define the alt attribute here. This information is not visible on the website. You can also enter a title tag and a description for this image here, these will be displayed below the image or the title tag will also be displayed when you move the mouse over the image. You can also define this information under the image attributes.

If all settings and adjustments are according to your wishes, click on the «Save» button above to save them. Click on the «X» symbol to close the area.

2.5 Delete widget

If you want to remove the image area from your website, click on the «Delete» icon. The image area is removed immediately. The image can still be retrieved in the image management.

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