Your identity is
Your most valuable possession

Purchasing products online is just a few clicks away. But how safe is your personal information?

Identity theft is a serious issue that can affect anyone. If your identity is stolen, criminals can use your personal data to open credit card accounts, obtain loans, get a job, and much more. The financial and emotional damage can be substantial.

Our proactive alert packages
against identity theft

Protect yourself from the financial and emotional consequences of identity theft. With our EyeonID Business packages, you are alerted early to unauthorized use of your data. You can respond promptly to identity theft. This way, you can shop online, do banking, or disclose your personal data with peace of mind. We alert you immediately if your data is at risk.

Make a difference. Check your data today and retain control over your identity.

EyeonID Business 5
EUR per month
  • 5 VPN installations
  • Continuous monitoring of your personal data
  • Continuous monitoring of your financial information
  • Early action recommendations
EyeonID Business 10
EUR per month
  • 10 VPN installations
  • Continuous monitoring of your personal data
  • Continuous monitoring of your financial information
  • Early action recommendations
EyeonID Business 20
EUR per month
  • 20 VPN installations
  • Continuous monitoring of your personal data
  • Continuous monitoring of your financial information
  • Early action recommendations

And here's how

With our EyeonID Business service, your online identity is constantly checked using artificial intelligence. It checks the security of email addresses, credit cards, and passwords and gives you tips on how to avoid data misuse.

1. Store data

To start data monitoring, add your domain to EyeonID Business. All entered data is safe. They are encrypted and hashed.

2. First check

An historical review of data that had leaks in the past is carried out immediately. After that, all the data you've entered online is continuously searched on the internet, deep web, and even the darknet.

3. Immediate notification of data leaks

Our tool immediately raises the alarm when it detects unusual use. You receive a direct warning by email or SMS about the existing threat to your data. Important: Log in directly to the portal when you receive an alert. This allows you to get a detailed picture of what has happened and what measures you need to take to secure your leaked data. Quick action is crucial here!


24/7 monitoring

With our technology, we continuously monitor the web, looking for potential threats and identifying risks.

Personal notifications and early warning system

There is an early warning system and automatic alert notification for unusual uses of your personal data.

Schrems II and PCI-DSS certified

EyeonID never transmits data. EyeonID is ISO 27001 certified, PCI-DSS certified and Schrems II compliant to ensure the security and integrity of our partners' data.

Secure data entry

The security and confidentiality of your data are guaranteed by our encrypted system.

Secure VPN included

Get free VPN accounts for your employees to keep them safe online.

Frequently asked questions
about identity protection

What are the risks of data misuse?

When a person's personal data is compromised, there can be severe consequences on multiple levels.

Financial: Economic factors are the most common reasons for identity theft. The risk here is that goods and services are purchased in your name and with your data, but delivered to another location.

Reputation damage: With access to your private accounts, someone else can easily impersonate you. Public posts in your name and attempts to exploit your friends can damage your reputation.

Emotional: When an unknown person has unauthorized access to your private documents, photos, and emails, it's not just uncomfortable; it can also lead to various kinds of extortion attempts.

Time: It robs a lot of time and nerves to assess the extent of the damage, contact authorities, inform friends, retrieve information, contest payment claims, and claim damages.

My data has already been stolen. Isn't it too late then?

No, not in every case. There is usually a period between the time of the attack and the actual data theft until the information is actually evaluated and misused. It is precisely during this time span that you have the opportunity to act. With our EyeonID Business, you are informed about the data outflow and can take immediate action.

What is a VPN?

VPN stands for virtual private network and makes it possible to establish a network connection via a public network instead of directly from your own home network. This means that network access cannot be linked to the actual user (you). In addition, all Internet traffic is encrypted before accessing other networks. This gives you efficient data protection as well as protection against hackers and snooping software.