Brilliant web hosting with exclusive features

Web hosting and so much more! Learn more about the high-quality hosting offers from Hoststar Austria and its features and services.

High speed SSD & NVMe hosting

We offer you super fast 60 to 120 GB SSD or NVMe web space for your website data and emails.

MySQL databases & SSH access

Create as many MySQL databases as you need. SSH allows you to manage your hosting via command line.

Email addresses and forwarding

Unlimited email addresses and mailboxes.

Register and administer domains

30 to 80 domains can be activated in a hosting package. Choose your domain from 400+ endings.

Free SSL certificates

Free SSL certificates will automatically be installed for all your domains.

Move of your website

With our service «Move» we transfer your website from your current provider to us.

Cloud storage

30 to 60 GB extra cloud storage for your data.

Designer editor for websites

Our homepage builder to create websites - quick and easy.

Free Support

Our support team is happy to help you, be it for technical or administrative issues. We’re there for you!

The best hosting for you

StarEntry, StarBiz or StarPlus – our web hosting plans are packed with
unique features to help you create a professional website.

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  • High performance with SSD storage
  • 100 GB SSD web storage space
  • 1 domain included in the 1st year
  • Designer, Shop and more included
  • -
  • SSH access
  • 100 GB SSD cloud storage
  • 1 GB/s Internet connection
  • unlimited traffic
  • HTTP/2
  • unlimited domains
  • 10 websites
  • unlimited email accounts (5 GB each)
  • unlimited MySQL databases
  • 10 simultaneous MySQL connections per database user
  • PHP Memory Limit bis 512 MB
  • GDPR compliant
  • -
  • -
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  • High performance with SSD storage
  • 200 GB SSD web storage space
  • 1 domain included in the 1st year
  • Designer, Shop and more included
  • File cache for faster websites
  • SSH access
  • 250 GB SSD cloud storage
  • 1 GB/s Internet connection
  • unlimited traffic
  • HTTP/2
  • unlimited domains
  • 50 websites
  • unlimited email accounts (15 GB each)
  • unlimited MySQL databases
  • 25 simultaneous MySQL connections per database user
  • PHP Memory Limit bis 1024 MB
  • GDPR compliant
  • -
  • -
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  • Highest performance with NVMe storage
  • 250 GB NVMe web storage space
  • 1 domain included in the 1st year
  • Designer, Shop and more included
  • File cache for faster websites
  • SSH access
  • 500 GB SSD cloud storage
  • 10 GB/s Internet connection
  • unlimited traffic
  • HTTP/2
  • unlimited domains
  • 150 websites
  • unlimited email accounts (20 GB each)
  • unlimited MySQL databases
  • 50 simultaneous MySQL connections per database user
  • PHP Memory Limit bis 2048 MB
  • GDPR compliant
  • HoststarVPN included
  • Premium support

High speed web hosting

Thanks to SSD or NVMe storage units together with the HTTP/2 protocol, your website will load faster than ever before! We keep our servers up to date for you with the latest technology.


Unlimited email

Your hosting package allows you to set up as many email addresses, accounts and redirects as you need. For each email account, you are given 5 to 15 GB of storage space, depending on your web hosting subscription.



Designer lets you create impressive websites in just three steps. Select and customise the design, add the desired content and publish at the push of a button. And all this without any prior technical knowledge.


Cloud and Backup

Upload your documents, images and files and access them from anywhere with Cloud from Hoststar. Create and manage backups or restore them with the Backup Manager!

Maximum performance web hosting thanks to SSD and NVMe

Only the best is good enough for your website. Thanks to SSD or NVMe storage units, which offer fast access times and very high read and write rates, your website loads much faster. Not only will you and your users be happy about this, but Google may also reward you with better positions in search results.

Compared to a conventional hard disk, SSD disks are about 5 times faster and NVMe disks even about 12 times.

My Panel view in the browser on the tablet and smartphone.

Keeping everything under control

One login for everything – welcome to the simplicity of Hoststar’s My Panel. My Panel provides all the features needed to manage your services, such as web hosting, all in a modern and straightforward design. My Panel’s responsive design means you can manage your data and web hosting conveniently on the go from your smartphone or tablet.

Windows Phone
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All of your domains in one place

The Domain Manager lets you manage all of your domains in one place. This lets you always keep track of domain name extensions, settings and contract terms as well as register new domains.

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Webmail from Hoststar in the desktop view


Use your email addresses conveniently via webmail or your preferred email program. Managing mail settings - from creating an email address or forwarding to allocating storage space per mailbox - is conveniently done via My Panel.

The best part? There are no additional costs for email; this service is also included with all hosting packages.

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Icons of different programs. For example WordPress, Joomla, Typo3.

Install with just one click

We let you benefit from over 300 free web applications that you can have installed completely automatically, thus saving you time. With just a single click, you can install software to create websites (CMS), blogs, forums, forms, shops and much more.

Whether it be WordPress, Joomla or Typo3 - we make web hosting easy for you. Last but not least, we provide a backup function for all installed applications. You also have access to many themes for WordPress, which can be activated or switched to anytime.

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Manage your hosting with SSH

You can also access your hosting with SSH. Experienced users can use SSH to manage and edit directories and files via command line or install and manage applications. SSH access is available with StarBiz and StarPlus.

Website with a lock icon, which stands for free SSL certificates.

Free SSL certificates

For each of your domains and subdomains, you will receive free FreeSSL certificates from the Let's Encrypt certificate authority. FreeSSL certificates are automatically set up and activated for you. This ensures that data transferred between your web browser and the server is encrypted.

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Cloud from Hoststar on the tablet and smartphone.

Your data in one place

Simple, secure and available from anywhere: Access all of your data anytime and anywhere. This is what you call freedom: Cloud from Hoststar. Available from any device with internet access. Cloud storage is included in all hosting packages.

Windows Phone
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Create your very own professional and modern website in just a few simple steps! For beginners we offer the Designer which is included in all hosting packages. Design your website without any programming knowledge - all thanks to the intuitive website builder from Hoststar.

Choose a fitting template, select colors and styles, add texts and images and publish your very own website.

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Are you interessted in moving your current website to hoststar, or do you want to take it with you so you can build a new website with the Designer or any other website software (CMS)? No matter who your current website hosting provider is or where you have registered your domain, we can quickly move your website to Hoststar Austria.

Quick and easy move

No matter who your current website hosting provider is or where you have registered your domain: Our team of experts transfers your website

Always online

During the transferring process your website will always be online withou interruption.

Safety guaranteed

Your website will be tested for full functionality on our servers and will be activated with encryption (SSL).

Various images that can be used to create a website.

A picture paradise

Pictures from Hoststar offers benefits when designing your website: Choose from over 1 million pictures to find the right subjects for your web pages. Thanks to the integration of Unsplash, you can download all images for free and use them on your website without mentioning the source, whether for commercial or non-commercial purposes.

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Security & Monitoring

Three different SSL certificates ensure secure data transfer at all times. The SEO tool, which includes features and tips for improving the ranking of your website, helps you achieve the ideal rank in search engine results.

The monitoring service and statistics servers make sure you are always able to keep track of everything, whether it's the status of all services in the real-time view, an overview of visitor numbers for each page or a list of where your site visitors originate. These details and plenty of other information are presented in one place and in a visually clear manner.

With the monitoring service and the statistics server you always have an overview: Be it the current status of all services in a real-time view, an overview of the number of visitors on your website per page or the sources of your website visits.


Expert advice and support

Do you need help with your web hosting service? Do you have questions about your CMS? Are you looking for someone to create pictures for your website? Coach from Hoststar is the solution: a network of professionals in various web sectors is exclusively available to you as a Hoststar customer.


More email with MailPro

MailPro from Hoststar opens up more possibilities: seamless synchronisation of emails, contacts and calendar items on any device, upgradeable groupware functions and an integrated archive function.

Article view of an outfit in the online shop of Hoststar


Shop from Hoststar makes it easy to take the first step towards creating your own online shop. Set up your shop with just a few clicks. Select one of the premium pre-made designs, customise it to meet your needs and enter your products.

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If you have questions about our web hosting packages, we offer comprehensive step-by-step instructions in our support area. If you still have questions, our team of specialists is there to help free of charge by email and telephone.

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Frequently asked questions about web hosting

Setting up my own web presence - where do I start?

Our web hosting packages give you the tools and storage space you need to create and run your own website and email accounts.

You also need a name (domain), such as, so that people can visit your website. When ordering your web hosting package, you can enter possible domain names and have the domain checker verify whether they are still available. If the domain is available, we can register it for you.

If you are ready to get started straight away, you can place your order now.

Your web hosting package includes additional services such as cloud storage, SSL certificates and more. My Panel is your single management interface – one login for everything.

Which web hosting package is right for my web project?

Choosing the right web hosting subscription depends heavily on the intended use and which systems you want to run. StarEntry features all of the necessary services and tools for beginners. Choose StarBiz if you are looking to use more complex software and programs that require external MySQL access. StarPlus gives you maximum service and premium support.

What is the difference between SSD and NVMe?

SSD stands for "Solid-State-Drive" or "Solid-State-Disk" and NVMe for "Non-Volatile Memory Express". The basic principle of how data is physically stored is the same for SSD and NVMe disks, they are stored in non-volatile memory chips. In contrast, the data on hard disks is stored on disks by means of magnetization.

However, SSD disks reach their limits in data transmission because of the connection to the system (Serial-ATA III) and the protocol used for data transmission (AHCI), because the memory chips can provide and write the data many times faster than they can be transmitted to the system.

That's why NVMe was developed. The connection is made via the much faster PCI Express bus and with a new protocol of the same name (NVMe) for data transfer.

For SSD disks, the bandwidth for transmission is limited to around 600 MB/s (megabytes per second). NVMe disks, on the other hand, offer bandwidths of just about 4 GB/s (gigabytes per second), which is over 6 times more than with SSD. The fastest NVMe disks currently offer a write rate of around 3.5 GB/s and a read rate of 3.2 GB/s when using 4 PCI Express lanes. A maximum of 16 lanes are possible per PCI Express connection.

Currently PCI-Express version 3.0/3.1 is used. For the new version 4.0 the bandwidths have been doubled and for the planned version 5.0 a further significant increase of the bandwidths is to be expected.

I already own a domain. Can I use Hoststar web hosting?

Yes. In step two of the order process, you will be asked to enter a domain. You can enter your existing domain here and confirm that you will apply the necessary settings directly with your domain registrar.

The same message containing the login details for your web hosting will also include the name servers configured for the web hosting account. After submitting these name servers to your domain registrar, your domain will be operated via our server within 24 hours.

How can I build my own website?

Designer is a website builder and is included in all of our web hosting packages. Designer makes it easy to create your website - without any previous knowledge of web design or programming.

You can request a trial version of Designer by clicking on the «Try now»  button on the «Website builder» page.

You will then receive an email with the login details for the trial version and you’re ready to go. The email also contains a link for purchasing a web hosting package and for upgrading the trial version to the full version of Designer. This way you can take your first steps in the trial version and continue where you left off in the full version.

A web hosting also allows you to use other software like WordPress, Joomla or Prestashop to build a website or an online shop. These programs and many more can be installed directly via your “My Panel” management interface, under “Software”.

You can log in via FTP to access the storage space for your web hosting. If you already have a finished website or are creating one yourself, you can upload it via FTP or write it yourself.

How do I create my own website with Designer?

You can access Designer either by requesting a trial version or by purchasing a web hosting package. With a test version, you log into the Designer login page with the login details sent to you by email. If you have web hosting, you log on to My Panel at, navigate to the "Designer" menu and select "Login".

Designer includes a whole range of instructions and guides. We recommend starting with the "Getting Started in Designer" guide.

The first time you use Designer, you will see a selection of various design templates. Your choice of design template defines the general structure of your website: Where do the page navigation, logo and company name go and what template-specific content is available for the landing page of your website? Elements for your landing page can include full screen images, image tiles in various sizes, slideshows with text and buttons and so on. Choose a design template that suits your needs – you can switch back to another template at any time.

You can then add and manage your text content, images, videos, buttons, links, etc.

Background colours, headers, footers, and fonts can all be customised in Designer to match your logo, for example. The colours should be selected for a harmonious look. Colour palette generators such as Paletton can help you with this.

How do I create and manage email addresses?

With your web hosting package and your own domain you can create as many email addresses as you like. A mailbox is assigned to each email address. You define how much of your web hosting storage space is allocated to each mailbox. You can also adjust the mailbox size at any time.

If you already have an established email address, you can continue using it by setting up email forwarding. For instance, you can have emails forwarded from to On your website you will then have the option to enter your domain-specific email address as your contact address.

You can then conveniently manage your email address in Hoststar’s webmail. Manage your emails, create personalised folder structures, enter contacts and schedule appointments in the calendar.

Of course, you can also use your email program of choice to receive emails. Under “Support” you will find several useful guides for configuring email programs.

How do I transfer my domain to Hoststar?

A domain transfer means transferring the administration of a domain from one domain registrar to another. You can transfer your domain by requesting a transfer code (also AUTH code) from your current domain registrar. Then you can enter your domain under "Transfer domain" and start the process.

You will then receive an email containing a link to a page where you enter the domain owner information as it should appear after the transfer along with the transfer code. You will be informed by email about the start and completion of the transfer. A domain transfer can take a few days depending on the domain extension.

Can my existing website be moved to Hoststar?

With our service Move we transfer your website to the Hoststar server and carry out all of the necessary configurations (website and server). Your website will be tested to ensure it works properly and will be put online without any interruption. Below is the complete scope of services and steps for moving your website.

After you request a move, we receive your data and check it. We will then contact you to coordinate the move. Depending on the type of website, we need different access details to complete the move. We will let you know which information we require. We will then notify you once the move is complete.

How do I establish secure (encrypted) connections to my website?

An SSL certificate encrypts the connection between the visitor and your website on our servers. This ensures full security at all times when visiting the website as well as transmitting sensitive data. Examples of sensitive data include address information provided when placing an order in an online shop or contact forms filled out and sent by the visitor.

Every domain and subdomain you operate through our servers always includes a FreeSSL certificate from Let’s Encrypt. You can find these and other certificate solutions in the SSL comparison. Advantages of an extended SSL certificate include better browser compatibility and insurance protection.

How do I activate and use my Hoststar cloud storage?

As a web hosting customer, you can activate cloud storage in My Panel. Immediately afterwards, you will be shown your login details for Hoststar Cloud. You can access the cloud storage online on the Cloud login page. You can also set up Hoststar Cloud for use as a drive on your computer.

In My Panel you can change your login details for individual Cloud users. You can also create up to two additional users, each with their own storage space.

I want my website to be found by search engines (e.g. Google) - what do I need to do?

Search engine optimization (SEO) helps search engines to better analyse your website and ideally gives you better rankings in search results.

Each page within your website should have a title and a description. It is recommended to integrate your company, club or domain name at the end of each title. You can use a separator so it stands out. A title could look like this, for example: “Buy coffee capsules at a bargain price | Example Company”. The description should briefly outline the page content, arouse curiosity and ideally motivate the search engine users to open your website.

Use “Edit Page Settings” in Designer to define the titles and descriptions of the individual pages. Ideally, these two attributes should be edited for the respective page of the website so that each page has unique titles and descriptions.

Now that your website is optimised for search engines, it must be registered with the corresponding search engine (using their webmaster tools) so that it actually appears in search results. Please refer to the instructions "Verification with Google webmaster tools".

It can take a few days before your website actually appears in the search results of the respective search engine after registering it with the webmaster tools.