Welcome to Hoststar! We’ll take care of your website move!

Move – let us transfer your website

Move makes transferring your website to Hoststar even easier. No matter who your current website hosting provider is or where you have registered your domain(s), we can quickly move your website to our servers for a flat fee of EUR 79, either with an existing or new hosting package of your choice.

Key information at a glance

What exactly is Move?

Move is a transfer service for your website. Transferring your web data and the associated changes can be very complex and tedious for non-tech-savvy people. Move from Hoststar gives you a team of specialists to handle these tasks for you. This way, you don't have to struggle with the technical details and can count on your website being transferred quickly.

What information do I need to provide for the move?

To move your website, we need your contact details as well as the domain (internet address) of the website you want to transfer. We will then contact you about the move and collect all the other information we need from you.

How long does the move take?

That depends greatly on the size and complexity of your existing website. An average website can be transferred within one business day. However, the configuration of multiple email accounts and the use of complex databases in particular can make the process take considerably longer. After we have received the necessary information, we will provide an exact estimation.

What data is and is not transferred?

The service includes the transfer of all of the data belonging to a website (including database). Email accounts (max. 50) are transferred as well: These are set up directly on the new server so that you can use them again right away. In some cases you may have to move the actual emails yourself. We will be happy to explain this procedure.

What if I have multiple websites?

We transfer one website per Move order for you. You must place an additional order for each additional website you want us to move.

What happens if my website doesn't work on the Hoststar servers?

The modern Hoststar infrastructure supports the majority of all common website platforms. However, sometimes less common systems cannot be operated to their full extent on these servers without errors occurring. Should this happen, we will promptly refund the entire fee.