The perfect picture for you – large selection

The right image for any situation

«A picture is worth a thousand words.» This age-old saying is also true for websites. A beautiful and appealing website where customers remain on the site on the pictures you use. Pictures and image partner Fotolia provide millions of pictures, graphics and videos to choose from for your website.

A giant selection

Do you want a customised, unique design for your website but don't want to use the same images as everyone else? Pictures from Hoststar makes this possible. With a selection of over 30 million pictures, graphics and videos, you can find exactly those pictures that have that bit of something special for your website.


Whether you need just a small preview picture or full screen gallery, the requirements for image resolution are as individual as the content itself. In Pictures, you see all images in various sizes. This way you can download the right size and pay only for the image resolution you need.

Appealing discount

As a Hoststar customer, you benefit from an exclusive agreement with Fotolia, the image database provider: when you purchase images, you receive a 15 percent discount on the regular price. This applies to all images, regardless of whether you use them for a website, new flyer or a large advertising poster.

Simple search

Use My Panel to search for the desired theme. The Pictures module is integrated directly into My Panel and doesn't require a separate login. The simple search feature lets you search by title or keyword. The integrated, intelligent search mechanisms sort the results to help you find the best possible hits.