Data centre

As an Austrian hosting service provider, our top priority is to ensure that our services are of impeccable quality. For this reason, we continually invest in our dedicated infrastructure to guarantee fail-safe and redundant operation.

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Power supply

The non-interruptible power supply is guaranteed by a 15-minute battery capacity and an emergency diesel-powered generator. All power is supplied from renewable energy sources.

Batterien zur Überbrückung von Stromausfällen
Techniker arbeitet an Serverschrank


Cameras monitor all entrances and server rooms 24/7. An electronic access-control system permits access to authorised persons only after an on-site check of their identity cards.

Fire safety

The latest in early warning systems, with a direct connection to the local fire brigade, ensures that your data is safe even in the event of a fire. In addition to this, specials doors and locking systems prevent the fire spreading to other areas.


Climate control

Constant temperature monitoring and the latest under-floor air conditioning systems ensure the perfect temperature for optimal performance across the server farm is maintained in every room.


A powerful connection for your benefit. Hoststar data centres are equipped with a multiple redundancy network structure. Various connections to the major nodes deliver nearly 100 percent network fail-safety. We use network technology that is rooted in JUNIPER hardware. All customer data is archived on data backup servers in a separate data centre.


The following internet connections are currently active and ensure optimal access for your hosting solutions. (Date: July 2017)

Peering Points (660 GBit/s)
300 GBit/s DE-CIX 100 GBit/s AMS-IX
260 GBit/s others

Transit (790 GBit/s)
400 GBit/s Core-Backbone
100 GBit/s GTT
290 GBit/s NTT, TATA, Level 3 & Cogent

Private Peerings (570 GBit/s)
100 GBit/s OVH
80 GBit/s Amazon
390 GBit/s Google, RETN & others

Gerät mit Netzwerkanschlüssen


The entire server farm is monitored 24/7 by Hoststar using a state of the art monitoring system. Even the most minor of error messages are immediately and automatically sent to the emergency service, which will then respond within minutes.

Flur mit Serverschränken beidseitig


We exclusively run Linux systems (openSUSE, Ubuntu and CentOS) on our servers. Furthermore, the entire Hoststar server farm is protected by cutting-edge firewall technology. We give everything we have to ensure that the software on our servers and systems is always up-to-date.