We value sustainability
A healthy environment is something that is near and dear to us

As a modern, ecologically minded company, we take responsibility and are actively committed to protecting the environment.

The Swiss myclimate foundation is committed to protecting the environment in a way that has a sustainable impact. The organisation offers help in reducing and compensating for these climate-changing emissions. It promotes the use of renewable energy and energy-efficient technologies.

Compensation for emissions takes the form of ambitious myclimate environmental protection projects around the world to minimise the emissions of greenhouse gases, thereby directly protecting the environment. Climate protection projects not only reduce climate-impacting emissions, they also contribute to the sustainable development in project regions.

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All rooms at Multimedia Networks AG are heated using low-CO2 wood chip heating. By using this ecologically-friendly system, Multimedia Networks AG is making a direct contribution to a healthy environment.

The servers at the individual data centres of Multimedia Networks AG are powered exclusively with energy from renewable sources. The green energy is generated from 100 percent CO2-free and environmentally-friendly hydropower. From an ecological standpoint, energy generated from flowing water is one of the least damaging forms of power generation.

Sociocultural Work

Thanks to our loyal customers, we are able to pass on some of our prosperity in the form of sponsoring and other support.

Wireless Forum Switzerland

Wireless Forum is the largest independent discussion platform concerning wireless internet in the German-speaking world. This platform is used to publicise news, discussions and support inquiries involving the topic of wireless internet. Hoststar serves as the web hosting provider for the community.


Coop Beach Tour Central Switzerland

Coop Beach Tour Innerschweiz is managed centrally by Swiss Volley (Central Switzerland). This unique sporting event is part of the identity of Multimedia Networks AG and its staff, which is why Hoststar is the web hosting sponsor for the event.


Young Enterprise Switzerland

The non-profit organisation Young Enterprise Switzerland develops and manages hands-on business education programmes for pupils and students with the aim of connecting business with their schools.

The focus is on young people who learn to think about economic relationships in an interconnected way, act in an entrepreneurial manner, make a confident impression as individuals and prepare themselves to conscientiously and successfully navigate their way within the global economy.

Young entrepreneurs receive free website hosting via Young Enterprise Switzerland.


Jazz Ascona

Jazz Ascona celebrated its 30th anniversary in 2014. The fantastic event brings numerous artists from all over the world together in a single location. Hoststar sponsors the web hosting and wishes Jazz Ascona even more successes in the future.


Theodora Foundation

A hospital stay is a difficult experience for a child. The child is cut off from regular contact with his or her family and friends and must come to terms with unfamiliar and often very severe surroundings. The hospital clowns from the Theodora Foundation help put smiles on the faces of children. Hoststar thinks this is an exceptionally creative idea and therefore supports the Theodora Foundation with a donation.



As the largest members association for disabled people throughout Switzerland, Procap represents the interests of individuals with disabilities and promotes their social, societal and professional integration (equal opportunity and treatment) in terms of helping people help themselves. Hoststar supports Procap through a donation.


Suisse pour les Téléthèses
Foundation for electronic resources

The Foundation exists to provide technology resources for helping people with physical, mental or multiple disabilities. Hoststar is committed to working towards an Internet without barriers. We believe it is crucial to support the development of technologies that also give disadvantaged people access to the Internet. Hoststar supports the foundation through a donation.


Swiss Disaster Dog Association (REDOG)

REDOG is the only organisation in Switzerland that trains rescue dogs to find missing persons buried beneath rubble. Hoststar believes this association is important and supports REDOG through a donation.