Spam filters and virus scanners

  • Hoststar’s spam protection was written by our highly experienced server administrators and support teams and scans all incoming emails.
  • In addition to this, Hoststar’s black list is synchronised with three international anti-spam databases. This ensures a reliable and effective spam blocker. By adding relevant spam servers (open relay servers) to the black list, entire waves of spam can be stopped.
  • The Hoststar OCR spam filter (optical character recognition software for images) recognises spam emails that are based on graphics and reliably filters them out.

As a protective measure against emails and files infected with viruses, we offer you the following virus scanners:

  • Hoststar’s virus scanner checks all emails for viruses and automatically deletes infected emails.
  • Hoststar’s FTP virus protection thoroughly checks every file uploaded and downloaded to our servers and only saves them when it is sure they are not infected.