Hoststar offers you added value for your web hosting service with up-to-date applications in its Software Centre. The following applications are currently available for 1-click installation:

BBClone is a web counter for your website.
Version 0.4.8

BBClone is an extremely versatile web counter for your website and is written in PHP. Once installed, it records a wide range of data about your website’s visitors. No database is needed to store the data as all information is saved as text files. You can monitor visits to all or just selected pages from your website. The following data can be recorded: IP address, host name, operating system, visits from robots, browser version, originating address, date and time of visit, number of visitors, sequence of viewed pages, last-visited page, search term, top ten, time statistics, etc.

For comprehensive web analyses. A good alternative to Google Analytics.
Version 2.14.3

Piwik offers an overview and analysis of the number of visitors to your website, your marketing campaign and much more, so that you can optimise your strategy and your visitors’ online experience. Piwik is the leading open-source web analysis platform and is available in 48 languages.

A versatile and easy-to-use website application for blogs.
Version 4.9.1

WordPress is a versatile and easy-to-use website application. It was developed primarily as a blog platform, but personal and business websites can be very easily built with it. WordPress values aesthetics, web standards and usability.

CMS – Content Management System
A simple and open CMS system for professional website creation.
Version 3.0.3

Contao, formerly TYPOlight, is a simple and modern content management system. You can use it to create and manage open websites that are easy to find in search engines. Contao offers a comprehensive permissions system, a live update service, a modern CSS framework and many pre-integrated modules such as news, calendar or forms.

A feature-rich CMS for the simple and intuitive creation of websites.
Version 3.0.1

Contrexx is a PHP-based content management system for websites of any size. This beginner’s solution is open source and supports multi-channel output (mobile, app, print and desktop), offers search engine optimisation, image gallery and much more.

A CSM system for websites and building communities.
Version 7.34

You can create and edit websites with Drupal. It is also good for building communities such as blogs or forums. Security is ensured through its differentiated roles and permissions system. It is based on PHP and uses MySQL databases.

A comprehensive system for creating and managing various web applications.
Version 3.8.2

Joomla is a comprehensive system for creating and managing various web applications. Manage your website directly from your browser. Thanks to its module design, you can install lots of free extensions with the click of a mouse. Even Joomla’s basic version offers are large number of useful features.

A flexible and adaptable system for quickly and easily creating websites.
Version 1.0.14

modx distinguishes itself primarily through its adaptability and flexibility. Easy, safe and quick content creation and management is possible even for inexperienced users. One significant difference to other CMS systems is its strict separation of HTML, CSS and PHP. Page setup is based on templates than can be freely adapted in accordance with W3C.

A powerful CMS for developers with programming skills.
Version 8.7.8 LTS

Typo3 is a complex content management framework for creating and running websites. It allows users with no HTML knowledge to edit content and offers countless extensions that are easy to integrate. However, it is helpful to have some knowledge of the meta-language TypoScript.

A dynamic CMS for the versatile implementation of web portals and blogs.
Version 2.3.0

XOOPS is a dynamic and object-oriented CMS, written in PHP. It is ideal for building small and large communities;  company, intranet and internet portals; web logs and much more.

Collaborative software
A project team and organisational system
Version 1.6.002

EGroupware stands for efficiency and ease of use. Whether you want to coordinate global teams and projects in an international corporation, make cost savings as an SME or value efficient and transparent processes for your organisation, EGroupware can be used for all of these challenges. All important features unite to form a single online platform: a working environment for the whole team, central information and knowledge management, projects, administration of tasks and service requests, document and contact administration, allocation of individual access permissions, configuration and much more.

A web-based, groupware solution for team projects.
Version 1.9.2

TUTOS is a web-based groupware solution for the planning, control and realisation of team projects. It enables teams and small businesses to carry out joint projects thanks to modules like the calendar, address management, error tracking, task and document management, and IMAP and POP-E email accounts. And all of this for both individuals and groups.

CRM – Customer Relationship Management
A web-based, feature-rich customer management system.
Version 1.99.2

XRMS is a customer management or customer relationship management system for B2B with a focus on marketing, sales and service. It is a web-based, multi-user CRM that is installed on a web server and reachable from every computer that uses a browser.

DMS – Document Management System
A Cloud-based document management system.
Version 8.2.9

ownCloud is a software suite for providing non-local, Cloud-based data storage. The project is based on PHP and can use an SQLite, a MySQL or PostgreSQL database. ownCloud can be operated via a web interface. You specify the users and directory or file shares. Managing, sharing, structuring and archiving your files from one location is easy.

FAQ system
A multilingual, database-supported FAQ system.
Version 2.0.6

phpMyFAQ is a multilingual and fully database-supported FAQ system that is based on PHP and MySQL. It offers a content management system, user administration, a news system, user tracking, language modules, a template system and much more.

A community and forum application.
Version 3.2.1

phpBB is a community and forum application based on PHP and MySQL for staying in touch with customers, friends and partners. Create categories and forums to show your community’s visitors where the discussions are located. You can use rankings and user groups to motivate your visitors to get involved in the community. Thanks to its compact administration area, forum creation and management are child’s play. phpBB’s versatility enables you to realise your goals for the application.

A PHP-based application for discussion forums.
Version 1.4.2

PunBB is a PHP-based application for hosting discussion forums which aims to be a fast program with minimal hardware load. The streamlined design means that some features (e.g. private messaging, file attachments, surveys and advanced text formatting) that are included in the basic versions of other forum applications are not present here. However, most of these unsupported features can be added as simple modifications, add-ons and skins.

Gallery 3
An online photo gallery application.
Version 3.0.9

Gallery 3 is an online photo gallery for managing and publishing photographs. The photos’ sizes can be adjusted, rotated or mirrored. Preview images are created automatically. Albums enable you to group photos and they can be freely arranged in their structure. The system can be customised through a variety of add-ons. A German translation of the web interface is available and can be implemented easily.

A management system for your pictures and other media.
Version 1.8

4images is an image and media gallery management system  based on PHP and MySQL for managing and presenting images and other media on the Internet. It can be managed entirely from a browser through a password-protected administration area. A wide range of image formats are supported. Furthermore, 4images includes a template system for changing the gallery design. Useful features like multi-language support, user and permission management, statistical analysis and a nested category system make 4images a very easy-to-use online photo gallery.

Advanced Guestbook
A PHP-based guest-book script.
Version 2.4.4

Advanced Guestbook is a PHP-based guestbook script for your website. It contains several useful features such as preview, templates, email notifications, image upload, HTML tagging, smilies and language support. The administrator can display, edit and delete news items.

guestbook is a simple guestbook script.
Version 2.4.3

A simple, no-fuss guestbook. In short, a quick option for a website guestbook for staying in touch with your visitors.

iPei Guestbook
A simple guestbook with spam protection.
Version 2.21

iPei Guestbook is a simple script for adding a guestbook to your website. Set up the text fields you want, activate the Captcha confirmation box before sending and manage your guestbook. This enables you to stay in touch with your website visitors.

JavaScript libraries
A JavaScript library for expanding your website’s functionality
Version 1.8.2 offers you an easy-to-use JavaScript library for expanding your website’s functionality. With an animation framework, drag & drop, Ajax Control Toolkit and much more, this library  helps you with the design and programming of your website.

A music database for streaming on your website.
Version 1.7.426

kPlaylist is a music management system for your website. It can create entire music collections around the information contained in music files such as album, artist, title, length etc. which can then be sorted, displayed and queried. Thanks to its elegant and efficient code, it generates quick and precise search results. Public and personal playlists can be created and managed. It is multilingual, supports a variety of multimedia formats and has a large number of administrative and customisation options. This is a great script for your online music collection.

An ad-banner management application.
Version 2.0.11-pr1

phpAdsNew is an application for managing ad banners that also functions as a tracking system. Multiple customers can be managed via their own accounts. This means that each customer can use a variety of ad banners in different sizes. The most important banner formats are supported, e.g. HTML, GIF, JPG and PNG. The banners are each rotated, randomly selected and displayed. The software also displays comprehensive statistics that can be sent by email.

A script for ‘whois’ queries.
Version 4.1.2

With phpWhois, you can query various items of information about a domain’s registrar. Just enter the domain name and begin your query. Information on the domain’s holder, technical contact person and the name server is returned. Ideal for checking whether desired domain names are still available or for reviewing information on a particular website.

News management system
A powerful news management system
Version 1.4.6

CuteNews is a powerful and easy-to-use news management system with many features, including search, a file-upload manager, backup and restore, IP blocking, permissions levels and flood protection.

A tool for managing the sending of newsletters and mass emails.
Version 3.2.5

PHPList is an application for managing email addresses and newsletter subscriptions, for sending mass emails or newsletters and for measuring the success of your mailing actions. PHPList works very well for up to 100,000 recipients and even more. With PHPList you can manage multiple subscription lists, registrations and cancellations automatically, and it can also be integrated into your website. Its incredible number of features makes it a very useful tool for your email marketing.

Project management
Software for project management
Version 2.1.2

dotProject is a software program for multi-user project planning and management. Besides the usual project management tools like Gantt diagrams, it also offers features such as an appointment planner for each user, to-do lists, trouble tickets, user administration, filter functions and much more.

Questionnaires & surveys
Powerful survey system
Version 2.0.8

AdvancedPoll is an online survey system including statistical analysis that can be integrated into your website with just a few clicks. Adapt your surveys to your particular requirements using the feature-rich administration area for individualised survey design and the simple integration of templates  to encourage the best possible, understandable responses from your users and customers.

Support system
Crafty Syntax Live Help (CSLH)
An online support system with live chat function.
Version 2.14.5

Crafty Syntax Live Help (CSLH) is an online support system with which you can communicate with your customers in a live chat format, for example to provide support. CSLH was written in PHP and uses a MySQL database. You can use the configuration and administration interface, for example, to modify the chat window’s appearance, track page views and referrals and manage users. Moderators can be set up for different areas. Chats can be carried out between two people or among groups. The individual sessions can be logged.

A web-based support-ticket system
Version 1.6.r0

osTicket is an easy-to-use support-ticket system that clearly displays requests by email, telephone or online form in an elegant, web-based interface. Manage, organise and archive support requests and responses to them from one location. With features such as automatic receipt confirmation, pre-prepared responses, internal notes, help documentation, warnings and advice, level-based access, the ability to link and forward requests, support tracking and free access for customers, you can quickly and reliably process customer support requests.

phpsupporttickets (PHPST)
A trouble-ticket system with a wide range of features.
Version 2.2

PHPST is a complete and powerful email-based ticket system for all kinds of tickets. It is easy to install and use, even without programming skills. Thanks to the intuitively designed user interface, the application is a pleasure to use for administrators and users alike.

Video management
A web application for managing video collections.
Version 3.0.1

videoDB is a web-based application for managing personal video collections. Catalogue all your video files, whether VHS, DVD, Blu-ray or DivX. Even video games are supported. Do you want to quickly find out in which film a particular actor starred? Features such as advanced searches (e.g. for titles, genres, actors, TV episodes), integration of external data sources for film information and covers, sharing with friends and much more, all help you quickly find the film you’re looking for. You can do it all with videoDB.

A comprehensive webmail solution over IMAP
Version 1.1.5

Roundcube is a browser-based, multilingual IMAP webmail with a user-friendly interface. It offers the full functionality of a standard email client, address book, folder management, message search, spell check, multiple text formats and so much more.

A front end for webmail applications.
Version 1.4.21

SquirrelMail is a webmail front-end based on PHP. It is very easy to configure and contains the most important features for an email client.

Web shop
A complete online shop solution.
Version 5.1.2

CubeCart is a complete online shop solution with an integrated shopping basket for both digital and physical products; an intuitive control panel for managing your online business; no restriction on the number of products, categories and images; sales statistics; search engine optimisation thanks to meta-tags and search-engine-friendly URLs and countless plug-ins and modules for further expansion.

modified eCommerce Shopsoftware
Professional online shop software.
Version 1.05

modified eCommerce Shopsoftware is an online-shop solution that includes up-to-date payment modules,  over 50 additional modules for various applications and search engine optimisation that makes it easy for you to build your own online shop. The new template, based on CSS, can be adapted to your requirements in any way.

OXID eShop Community
Flexible online shop software.
Version 4.6.3

OXID eShop Community is a proven and flexible online shop system with comprehensive functionality. Through its modular, modern architecture, it can be easily adapted to individual requirements. It shines with its integrated CMS, speed of implementation, search engine optimisation, unlimited numbers of items and categories, and administration of permissions and roles.

The new generation of e-commerce.

PrestaShop is a European e-commerce platform based on PHP and MySQL. PrestaShop is famous for its ease of use; highly flexible design; quick expandability with over 3 000 freely available modules; its complex item structure with variants, attributes, staggered prices and multiple images per item; accessory products; vouchers; discounts; analyses; reports and statistics. In addition to this, PrestaShop offers a special design template for the optimal use of e-shops on smartphones using Android, iOS or Windows Phone. It is therefore ideal for SMEs that want to run their own web shop.

Web shop manager
Online web shop manager for your e-commerce business.
Version 2.0

Web shop manager offers full integration of your online web shop, order processing and other order-related tasks. Orders originating in the web shop are automatically recorded in your invoicing system.

A software package for operating a wiki system.
Version 1.23.3 LTS

MediaWiki is management software for creating and operating your own wiki system. This means building a knowledge database where its users can not only read but also create new and add to existing content via their browsers.

Wiki-Board for your own website.
Version 1.2.11

phpWiki is an alternative to MediaWiki. A handy tool for collaboration and documentation within a project, for collecting data and knowledge on a particular topic or for designing discussion platforms. Users can read, create, edit and add to content.