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+43 (0)720 511 555

(Calls from the Austrian landline 0.25 EUR / minute)


Monday to Friday/Saturday1
9:00 am – 12:00 pm & 1:30 – 5:00 pm

1 Administration: Monday to Friday, technical support: Monday to Saturday


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To be able to help you as quickly and effectively as possible, we kindly ask that you make your request as specific as possible. And of course you can contact us by email:

Remote support tool

Support > Tips & tricks > Software directory

You can grant our support staff access to your desktop via Netviewer. This takes place in a fully secure environment and only lasts for the amount of time permitted by you.

  • Netviewer (Windows)
    SHA-256 checksum:     5083f64eca1fa48118d3dc17c27792ceee33fc699487823d7768756e54e7cf42
  • Netviewer (Mac OS)
    SHA-256 checksum:     e7787d57f5669c194c133642df8babb0ce5846b59d44b9cfa9eaec0110c63ea7
  • Netviewer (from Mac OS X Lion)
    SHA-256 checksum:     e7787d57f5669c194c133642df8babb0ce5846b59d44b9cfa9eaec0110c63ea7
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