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Message «Unable to connect to the server»

Support > Mail > Email problems

The message Unable to connect to the server appears.


  • The email program returns an error message telling you that it cannot connect to the server.
  • You cannot send or retrieve emails.


  • You have no Internet access, i.e. you cannot view any websites. You receive an error message instead.
  • The ingoing/outgoing server settings in your email program are configured incorrectly.
  • You have only recently registered your domain with Hoststar, and the activation process is not yet complete.
  • The registration period for the domain has expired or was blocked by the registrar.
  • There is a problem with the Hoststar server.


  • If your Internet connection is not working, contact your Internet provider to solve the problem (e.g. Swisscom, UPC Cablecom, Sunrise, etc.).
  • Check the settings in your email program using our Setting up your email software guides.
  • If the domain was registered less than 48 hours ago, you must wait until the setup process is complete. The connection to the Hoststar server should work properly no later than 48 hours after registration.
  • If you have registered the domain yourself, it is possible that the invoice from your registrar has not been settled, for example, and that the domain has therefore been blocked. Perform a WHOIS query to check whether the DNS records are correct and to determine whether the domain has been blocked. With most registrars, an error message also appears when you attempt to access the domain directly from your web browser. If you suspect that the domain has been blocked, please contact your registrar directly.
  • Log into My Panel ( and check the status of your server under Monitoring on the Overview page. If the server is experiencing problems, we are probably aware of them and measures to resolve them are already in progress. You can also call us or email us at any time to find out about the current status of the problem.