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APPLE – iPhone – Automatic setup

Support > Mail > Set up your email software

Here you can automatically add your e-mail address as an IMAP account on your iPhone, iPad or Mac or delete a corresponding profile. Proceed as follows:

1. Open browser

Open the browser on your iPhone and enter the following URL:

Click on the blue Go button at the bottem right.

2. Open support area

The Mail support area of Hoststar opens immediately. Select the Set up your email software.

3. Select instructions

The sub-area opens. Now click on APPLE – Automatic configuration.

4. Add e-mail adress

Now enter the desired e-mail address to be configured. Then click on the Configure button.

5. Confirm

A popup with a warning message opens. Click on Allow, otherwise your e-mail will not be configured.

6. Install

The desired e-mail address will be displayed. Now click on Install in the upper right corner.

7. Enter lock code

You will now be asked to enter the unlock code for your iPhone, if you have one.

8. Start automatic installation

The next step will be displayed. Click Next here.

9. Sign profile

The next step will be displayed. Click Install here.

10. Confirm installation

Confirm that you want to sign or install the profile by clicking on Install.

11. Enter mail password

Now enter the Password for your e-mail account and click on Next.

12. Display profile

The installation is almost finished. The profile will be displayed. Now click on Done to complete the automatic installation.

13. Finished

Once the installation is complete, you will automatically be redirected to the browser and the last page opened in it. The e-mail profile is created and available now.


Delete profile

If you would like to delete this e-mail address, this profile, please proceed as follows:

1. Select menu category

On your iPhone, under Settings, select the General category.

2. Select profile

Now click on the Profile area.

3. Select e-mail

Now click on the Profile, here e.g.

4. Remove profile

The profile opens and the detailed information is displayed. To delete this profile, click on Remove profile.

5. Enter lock code

You will now be asked to enter the unlock code for your iPhone, if you have one.

6. Confirm

This is the last step. Here you confirm the irrevocable deletion of all data for this e-mail profile. This cannot be reversed.

If you are absolutely sure that you want to delete this profile, click on Remove.