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Web storage space
100 GB SSD
200 GB SSD
250 GB NVMe

Web storage

The web storage is for your HTML files, images, scripts and databases which you need for your websites as well as for your emails. The data is saved on very fast SSD disks with StarEntry and StarBiz and on superfast NVMe disks with StarPlus. The following amounts of web storage is available in the hosting packages:

StarEntry: 100 GB SSD     •     StarBiz: 200 GB SSD      •     StarPlus: 250 GB NVMe

Cloud storage space
100 GB SSD
250 GB SSD
500 GB SSD

Cloud storage

For each hosting subscription you order from Hoststar we’ll give you Cloud storage at no extra cost. Use it to have your data, music, videos and pictures available to you at any time and from any place, and to share them.

Depending on your subscription, you can create up to 10 additional users to your cloud, each with 10 GB of additional storage space. Share the data with your friends, family and business partners.

StarEntry: 100 GB SSD     •     StarBiz: 250 GB SSD     •     StarPlus: 500 GB SSD

Additional Cloud users
2 x 10 GB SSD
5 x 10 GB SSD
10 x 10 GB SSD

Additional Cloud users

Depending on your subscription, create up to 10 additional users for your cloud, each with an additional 10GB of personal storage space. Share the data with your friends, family and business partners.

StarEntry: 2 x 10 GB SSD     •     StarBiz: 5 x 10 GB SSD     •     StarPlus: 10 x 10 GB SSD

MySQL databases

Number of MySQL databases

With our hosting packages you can create unlimited MySQL databases.

Database users

Number of database users

With our hosting services, you can create the following number of database users:

StarEntry: 50 database users    •     StarBiz: 150 database users     •     StarPlus: 300 database users

Simultaneous MySQL connections

Simultaneous MySQL connections

For each database user there is a limit of 10, 25 or 50 concurrent MySQL connections depending on the subscription. This limit ensures that each customer has enough MySQL server power so that the websites can achieve the best performance.

External MySQL access

External access to databases possible

With external database access, you can access your database from your computer at home. This option can be activated in My Panel.

Free domain included

Get your free domain for the first year included in our hosting price

Our hosting plans include a free domain for the first year. In the second year, you will receive the normal renewal fee and can decide whether you want to continue registering your domain or just change or cancel it. You can choose from one of the following promising new domain extensions!

.online     •     .site     •     .website     •     .space     •     .tech     •     .store

Additional domains

Additional domains

With our hosting offers, you can activate an unlimited number of domains.



Create up to 150 individual websites with any domain name in a single hosting package.

StarEntry: 10 websites     •     StarBiz: 50 websites     •     StarPlus: 150 websites

GDPR compliant

GDPR compliant

As an Austrian web hosting provider, Hoststar runs all services in accordance with the GDPR. For the correct implementation of the GDPR, customers can enter into an agreement for data processing with us.


FTP access

You can copy to and download data from your website using file transfer protocol (FTP) at any time.

For this, you can use Hoststar’s Web FTP, it enables you to carry out FTP transfers in your browser. Alternatively you can use a free FTP program like FileZilla or Cyberduck.

You can also use SFTP (SSH File Transfer Protocol) for encrypted FTP connections. SFTP builds an SSH tunnel through the FTP connection, which means data transfer to and from the server is encrypted. In addition to the commands entered, the data channel is also encrypted. This means both access data and the data itself is transmitted in encrypted form. Our servers support SFTP by default.

FTP users

Unlimited FTP users

You may add and manage an unlimited number of FTP users. Directory permissions can be set individually for each FTP user.

SSH access

SSH access

You can establish a secure connection to the hosting web server with SSH and execute various commands via command line to manage your hosting. Managing a web hosting via SSH is only recommended for experienced users.


Unlimited traffic

Our packages are available to you without any traffic restrictions.

In addition to website requests, unrestricted data transfer also includes FTP transfers and email data.
However, websites with download portals or streaming services are not permitted. See our GTCs.

Internet connection
1 GB/s
1 GB/s
10 GB/s

Internet connection

StarEntry and StarBiz are connected to the Internet at 1 GB/s and StarPlus at 10 GB/s. We recommend our StarPlus package for larger systems and cloud solutions to achieve significantly faster upload and download rates.

My Panel

Service – My Panel

With its  comprehensive and intuitive  user interface, My Panel provides you with a complete overview of all your systems with just one login. All products, email and domain administration, invoices and referral rewards can be conveniently and easily managed here.

More information about My Panel

Individual PHP settings

Individual PHP settings

You can set the desired PHP version for each directory of your web hosting. The latest PHP versions are available to you.

In addition, you can manage various other PHP settings, for example the following paramenters:

  • max_execution_time
  • memory_limit
  • error_reporting
PHP memory limit
512 MB
1024 MB
2048 MB

PHP memory limit

PHP allows the use of a default amount of memory for processing a website. Sometimes a website needs more than the default amount of memory. If this is the case, you can increase the amount to fit the needs of your website. In order to provide you as well as other customers with a stable web service, the maximum amount of PHP memory has to be limited.

Editable error pages

Editable error pages

Error pages are error messages generated by the server that are displayed when a non-existing URL is requested or a «dead link» is clicked. You can redesign these pages as you see fit.

Protected directories

Password-protected directories

If you want certain website directories to be inaccessible to the public, you can protect them with a password.

Full log file access

Full log file access

Log files record access and error messages from the various services running on the web server.
The statistics server uses the log files to create statistical analyses. In addition to the comprehensive statistics provided by Hoststar, you can install your own statistics server at any time as you have unrestricted access to your log files.


Hoststar VPN

A VPN (virtual private network) is an encrypted tunnel between your computer/mobile and the Internet and is used to anonymize your data and Internet activities. The secured connections of a VPN are effective for protection against hackers and also ward off snooping software from public Wi-Fi networks, for example. Content blockers can be bypassed to give you unrestricted access to your favorite content from anywhere.

The intelligent design of Hoststar VPN's networks also makes them faster on the Internet!

Designer included

Create your website with Designer

With Hoststar’s Designer, you can create impressive websites in just three steps. Choose and adapt a Design template, add your desired content, then publish with the push of a button.

Web design for dummies!

Designer storage space
5 GB
10 GB
25 GB

Designer storage

Storage space denotes the amount of hard disk space allocated for your website that you create using Designer. Depending on the hosting package chosen, the following storage amounts are available to you:

StarEntry: 5 GB     •     StarBiz: 10 GB     •     StarPlus: 25 GB

Customisable pages

Number of configurable pages

You can use Designer to produce a number of pages for your website, depending on the hosting package:

StarEntry: 30 pages     •     StarBiz: 75 pages     •     StarPlus: pages unlimited

up to 5 languages
up to 10 languages
StarPlus: unlimited


Create a multilingual website and offer multiple languages for your site visitors.

StarEntry: up to 5 languages     •     StarBiz: up to 10 languages     •     StarPlus: unlimited

Drag & drop editing

Design by drag & drop

You can use drag & drop to position the desired elements in your template with ease, then individually adjust their size, design and content. Designing your website requires no prior programming knowledge and can be carried out with just the mouse.

Integrate images, files & videos

Embed images, files, YouTube videos and SoundCloud audio files

Upload your images and position them where you want them. Designing your website couldn’t be easier.

With Designer, all kinds of files (e.g. PDF or zip) can be linked to your website via the Dropbox module. Upload the file and create the desired link.

Embedding YouTube videos is just as easy. Position the YouTube place-holder where you want it, add the link to the video and the video can be played on your website. Use the same function to embed SoundCloud audio files on your website.

Social media linking

Social media integration

Many of the social media networks (Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn & Twitter) have been pre-programmed as place-holder buttons. You just position a place-holder where you want it in your website, and hey presto, your Facebook (or Twitter etc.) account is linked to your website!

Google Maps integration

Google Maps integration

Use Google Maps for directions to your company or address using the location marker. You can also add Google Maps with a simple drag & drop!

Form designer

Design forms

Thanks to Designer, creating forms is child’s play. Position  the form place-holder and specify the email address you want to send the form data to.

Embed HTML code

Embed HTML code

Thanks to the «Embed» widget, HTML is easy to embed in every web page. This means that individual changes to the website can be quickly implemented with the requisite programming knowledge.

Bog module

Blog module

Use the blog module in Designer to quickly and easily embed a blog in the desired position on your website.

SEO options

SEO options

Hoststar’s Designer program offers you helpful features for optimising your website for search engines. Designer makes it easy to set up page titles, descriptions and keywords.

Google Analytics

Google Analytics included

Google Analytics is included in Designer. Use this analysis tool for your website.
Please note that, depending on the country from which you operate your website, you may have to adapt your general terms and conditions and data protection statement, as Google Analytics uses IP-based personal data for its comprehensive reporting functions.

Mobile-ready (HTML 5)

Mobile-ready (HTML 5)

Every Design template is ready for PCs, tablets, smartphones and is automatically adjusted to the most suitable screen resolution. It doesn’t matter which design you choose, it will work perfectly on every device.

Powerful online image editor

Sophisticated online image editor

Is your photo not quite perfect? No problem: Hoststar’s Designer is a fully integrated and intuitive program for editing images. Perfect your images on our website with no need for prior technical expertise.

Stock photo credits

Large image database

Create your own visual world from millions of images. The comprehensive image database lets you easily find the subject you are looking for.

StarEntry: 5 Credits     •     StarBiz: 10 Credits     •     StarPlus: 20 Credits

E-commerce module
25 products
unlimited number of products

E-Commerce module

With the E-Commerce module, you can quickly and easily expand your Designer website to include an online shop. You can add up to 25 items with StarBiz and an unlimited amount with StarPlus.

Payment options for online shops

Payment options for online shops

Offer the customers of your online shop a variety of payment methods such as PayPal, stripe, 2CHECKOUT, Twint and more.

Number of WordPress installations

Number of wordpress installations

You can manage a limited number of Wordpress sites via our Wordpress Toolkit in My Panel. However, if you want to set up more wordpress sites, you can do it through our Software Center or with a manual installation.

Free Premium Templates

Free Premium Templates

As a Hoststar customer, you will benefit from an exclusive collection of free premium templates that will make your WordPress site look unique.

Automatic backup for updates

Automatic Backup for Updates

When you update your WordPress site using our WordPress Toolkit in My Panel, a backup of your site is automatically created before the update. This way, in case of failed updates, you can revert to the previous state with just a few clicks.

Domain Manager

Domain Manager (administration)

Your hosting subscription can house more than one domain. With domain administration, you have an overview of your domains and can register, redirect or change other domain names.

Available domain extensions

Domain extensions that can be registered (TLD)

Be visible with your own domain in the World-Wide Web!
It just takes one click to check over 400 international, top-level domains (domain extensions) with your preferred domain names and to register the domain you want.

More information on this topic at our domain site

Hoststar TLD list

Hoststar’s TLD list

Your domain name is comparable to your home address: a unique address with which you can be identified on the Internet.
You can find a list of all international domain extensions that you can register independently here:
Hoststar’s TLD list

Domain activation

Free domain activation

Activation of registered domains is included in our offer. There are no extra charges for this service.

Domain forwarding

Domain forwarding

Use domain forwarding (URL forward) to forward a domain (e.g. «») to another internet address (e.g. «»).


Subdomains – as many as you want

You can add an unlimited number of subdomains to your domain. A subdomain is attached to the actual domain name and points to a subdirectory on your disk space. You can therefore create several subsections per domain (departments, people etc.).


And: your domain can be reached both with and without the www prefix:
Many visitors will therefore be able to find your website more easily, and even search engines honour this function.

Name server administration

Name-server administration

Managing your domain’s name server is child’s play, thanks to Hoststar’s intuitive Domain Manager. You decide whether your domain should point to your Hoststar server or to your own.

DNS administration

DNS administration

You can edit your DNS zones/records (A-, CNAME-, MX- etc.) at any time. This area is where you set up the URL and email redirects you want.

Domain transfer

Free domain change and de-registration.

We’d be happy to take over the domain if you so wish (name server change). With us, a change of hosting provider entails only the smallest amount of effort on your part. And your domain stays fully functional during the change to the new server.

My Panel
Account – administration

Account – User-data administration

This is where you can view and update your contact data, manage additional users, see all subscriptions at a glance and, if necessary, change or cancel the service. View all financial transactions (invoices, commissions etc.), become a referral partner and manage your referrals. This is your comprehensive account area in My Panel.

Hosting – administration

Hosting – Administration

Manage your hosting quickly and simply in the feature-rich hosting panel. You can independently set up, manage and adjust all services and features without having to wait.

Domain – administration

Domain – Administration

With centralised domain administration, you have a whole host of options: an overview of all registered domains, domain registration and configuration, administration of DNS entries and name servers, ‘whois’ data, administration of your subdomains, domain transfers as well as analysis – in short, everything a comprehensive domain administration suite should offer!

Mail – administration

Mail – Administration

Integrated email administration enables you to independently and centrally manage all email functions: set up email addresses, mailing lists, forwarders, auto-responders and catch-all email addresses, configure spam filters, statistics and newsletters as well as direct login to Webmail. Still not enough? Then opt for «MailPro», an email solution for your business.

Cloud – control panel

Cloud – Control panel

Cloud storage is included in every hosting subscription. Manage your Cloud, its users and benefit from a direct login. 

It couldn’t be any easier!

Designer – website administration

Designer – Website administration

Using Hoststar’s Designer, you can quickly and easily set up your own website. In addition to an overview of your subscriptions, the various settings and design features, a direct login takes you to the administration area for your website data.

Enjoy the time you save and the program’s simplicity.

Shop – administration

Shop – Administration

Hoststar’s Shop Builder is an uncomplicated and easy-to-use tool with which you can set up an online business in no time at all. It only takes a few clicks to manage your products, customers, special offers and much more.

Coach – partner network

Service – Coach

Do you need help with your web projects?  Hoststar offers you, our customer, a network of qualified and reviewed partners. This is where you will find the right partner, define your project specifications and contact the specialists or the coach directly.

Additional information about Coach

Extras – additional services

Extras – Additional services

More than just web hosting – Hoststar’s extras. One provider – many extras. Whether you need our Designer and Pictures to create your website, the  Shop, or our  Web Apps  and countless tips and tricks on search engine optimisation, all this bounty is just one click away. Enjoy hundreds of ways of making your daily life that little bit easier.

Support – emergency support

Support – Immediate help

Do you have any questions about the individual features in the My Panel software suite? No problem! A large and comprehensive support area is available to you at any time. Step-by-step guides with graphics are there for your immediate needs. If they aren’t enough, our experienced support staff will be happy to assist you.

Hoststar Webmail

Hoststar Webmail

Webmail from Hoststar  offers you continuous access to your emails, worldwide and from every type of browser.
Benefit from features such as email account administration, email archiving, contact management, calendar functionality, task planning and spam-filter settings.

Hoststar Webmail – more than just an email application.

Email accounts
unlimited (5 GB pro)
unlimited (15 GB pro)
unlimited (20 GB pro)

Unlimited email accounts

Email accounts provide storage space for your emails, and you can set up as many as you want. You can set the disk space limit individually for each email account (StarEntry: max 5 GB, StarBiz: max 15 GB, StarPlus: max 20 GB).

As a Hoststar customer, you can use the following email protocols: POP3, IMAP4 and SMTP.
The IMAP4 protocol was designed to make accessed email accounts and messages appear to be on the local computer. In contrast to POP3, the emails remain on the server and are managed there. IMAP4 is the right choice for you when you need to use one email account from several devices.

Email addresses

Unlimited email addresses

You can create an unlimited number of email addresses for each domain name.
For example:

Mail limits per hour
max. 200 mails/h
max. 400 mails/h
max. 600 mails/h

Mail limit per hour (100 mails/h default)

In order to provide you with stable and secure email traffic, the maximum number of emails per mailbox per hour must be limited. This protection mechanism prevents the server's IP address from ending up on an IP blocklist if spam is sent from an address. The limit per hour can be temporarily increased to the subscription maximums for 24 hours at a time.

Company email server integration

Connection to your own company mail server

With our package, you can connect to your own company mail server (e.g. Exchange server) and use it for email administration. You can set the relevant MX records in the DNS administration area directly on your own company mail server.

Auto-responders & forwarders

Unlimited email auto-responder and auto-forwarding

With the auto-responder, you can set up automatic response emails for your email addresses, for example, when you want to inform senders of your absence.

Email forwarding redirects emails to another email address, for example, to another of your email addresses at another internet provider.
Example: jsmith@your-domain.tld to jsmith@another-domain.tld

You can set up as many email forwarding addresses in My Panel as you like.

Catch-all email

Catch-all email

With a catch-all email address, all dubiously addressed emails can be «caught». This means all those emails that are sent to «@your-domain.tld», but not to a specific address, e.g. «info@your-domain.tld».

This also applies if you only want to receive emails at «@your-domain.tld». In this case, there’s no need to set up several email accounts. You just have to direct e.g. «info@your-domain.tld» and «smith@your-domain.tld» or «contact@your-domain.tld» to one account.

Spam filter & virus scanner

Spam filters and virus scanners

  • Hoststar’s spam protection was written by our highly experienced server administrators and support teams and scans all incoming emails.
  • In addition to this, Hoststar’s black list is synchronised with three international anti-spam databases. This ensures a reliable and effective spam blocker. By adding relevant spam servers (open relay servers) to the black list, entire waves of spam can be stopped.
  • The Hoststar OCR spam filter (optical character recognition software for images) recognises spam emails that are based on graphics and reliably filters them out.

As a protective measure against emails and files infected with viruses, we offer you the following virus scanners:

  • Hoststar’s virus scanner checks all emails for viruses and automatically deletes infected emails.
  • Hoststar’s FTP virus protection thoroughly checks every file uploaded and downloaded to our servers and only saves them when it is sure they are not infected.
Newsletter tool

Send professional newsletters

Use Hoststar’s newsletter tool to make your first step into the world of email marketing an easy one. Create a professional newsletter in just a few clicks and inform your customers about your new products or your company’s next corporate event.

Support by phone & email

Free telephone and email support

Do you have any questions about your Hoststar subscriptions? Contact our hotline! (Calls from the Austrian landline 0.25 EUR / minute.)

Our support staff are happy to help you from Monday to Friday1 from 8.00 a.m. – 05.30 p.m. and on Saturday from 09.00 a.m. – 4.00 p.m. by telephone.

You can reach our support team here

1 Administration: Monday to Friday, technical support: Monday to Saturday

Support response time
12 hours (business days)
12 hours (business days)
12 hours (business days)

12-hour support response time (working days)

We place high value on competent advice and professional support for our hosting products. Our qualified and motivated support team is happy to help you with your enquiries.

For more information on this topic, see Hoststar’s quality guarantee (SLA).

Premium support

Premium support

Our premium support form is there for your urgent enquiries or problems outside our normal support hours (Monday to Friday1 from 8.00 a.m. – 05.30 p.m. and on Saturday from 09.00 a.m. – 4.00 p.m.) and on Sundays or public holidays. After receiving your message, our on-call staff will contact you as quickly as possible.

Online support area

Extensive online support area

We provide you with a comprehensive support area. Thanks to countless guides (including screen shots), you can manage your systems with ease. The support area is kept continually up-to-date and new topics are always being added.

Download Centre

Download Centre with free programs

Our Software Archive contains pre-configured scripts, software and links to various topics on: browsers, FTP programs, email programs and website tools.

Support links

Support links

Lots of interesting links to websites, forums and tutorials on programming and scripting languages such as: HTML, CSS, PHP, Perl-CGI etc. can be found here.

Remote support
on request
on request
on request

Remote support on demand

We provide the option of resolving system issues remotely. Contact our technical support here.

Quick help with no confusion!

«Getting Started» manual

«First Steps» manual as a PDF download

We provide the «First Steps» manual (available as a PDF) to make configuring your hosting package easier for you. It guides you through the most important setup levels step by step. In just a short time your system is ready for use and you can take your website live.

Daily data backup

Daily backups

All your data is backed up daily  to backup servers in a different computer centre.

If required, our backup strategy allows us to restore all data after a total outage (disaster recovery) at any time.

Server monitoring

Around-the-clock server monitoring

The entire Hoststar server farm is monitored around the clock by the latest monitoring technologies.
Even the smallest error messages are forwarded to our on-call service 24/7 and can be immediately analysed and rectified.

Backup feature

Hosting with backup feature

You can use Hoststar’s backup administration tool to configure your own backups of your data to one of Hoststar’s backup servers or to an FTP server of your choice.

Create, save and restore a backup with the click of a mouse.

99.9 percent
99.9 percent
99.9 percent

Guaranteed availability (server uptime)

For our servers, we guarantee an annual average  availability of 99.9%.

The entire server infrastructure is monitored around the clock every day of the year. On top of that, the server hardware is equipped with components that are 100% redundantly installed and monitored over three backbones every minute of the day.

Our infrastructure  offers you above-average high availability!

Redundant internet connection

Redundant internet connection

Your powerful connections. Our computer centres are equipped with multiple redundant network systems. Multiple connections to the most important nodes offer almost 100% security against network outages. All of our network technologies are based on JUNIPER hardware.

Latest server hardware (Dell)

Server hardware from Dell

As an Austrian web hosting provider, we place as high a value on trouble-free operations as we do on high quality. We invest and reinvest in redundant and highly reliable systems.

We use hardware from Dell for our web servers, which provide better stability and performance thanks to their high-quality components.

Hoststar’s web platforms are run in computer centers that are among the most powerful and secure in the business. Your website’s data is stored on the latest server systems from Dell that are redundantly designed from the storage unite (SSD with Raid 5 and NVMe with Raid 10) and energy supply to the network connections.



The entire server farm is protected by cutting-edge firewall technology. And Hoststar’s Network Operating Centre monitors the whole server farm using the latest monitoring systems, 24/7, 365 days a year. Even the smallest error messages are caught and reported around the clock.

DDoS protection

DDoS protection

With a DDoS attack (Distributed Denial of Service) an attacker attempts to overload the bandwidth or resources of a server with many simultaneous requests. The results are high load times of your website or in the worst case a total failure. Our DDoS protection is permanently active for all our webhosting customers since middle 2016. If an attack is detected, the protection switches on dynamically within a few seconds and filters the attack.

SSL certificates

Service – SSL

In the age of e-commerce, the issue of internet security is becoming ever more important. Sensitive data like credit card numbers, passwords and addresses should always be transmitted in encrypted form on the Internet.
To enable encrypted communication, you need an SSL certificate.

  • Encryption of confidential data during online transactions
  • SSL certificates contain information about the certificate’s owner.
  • The certificate authority checks the identity of the certificate owner.

Starting with StarBiz hosting, you can also have your own SSL certificates for your domains installed by our specialists. Please contact us under

More information about SSL


ModSecurity: Open Source Web Application Firewall

ModSecurity, often called "ModSec", is a firewall for web applications. ModSecurity protects your websites from attacks and manipulations. However, sometimes a desired website function is blocked. In this case you have the possibility to deactivate the corresponding ModSec rule.

Move – website transfer service

Service – Move

Your Move team is ready. Move by Hoststar – the easiest way to transfer your website and domains to Hoststar.
Our expert team makes sure your move is smooth and seamless, with no downtime.

Kick back and chill out. We’ve got it covered.

More information about Move

Immediate hosting activation

Quick activation (working days)

When you order a hosting package or a vServer from us, we activate your package as quickly as we can after receiving your payment and checking your data. This can be as soon as a few minutes after placing the order!

Your full satisfaction with our products is our highest priority.

Click to change products

Click to change to a different package

    Your needs change over time. With Hoststar, you can change your subscription to a bigger or smaller package at any time with the click of a mouse.
  • Subscription upgrades should be carried out just before the invoice period, as the difference between the smaller and larger packages will be transferred immediately to your order.
  • Subscription downgrades should be carried out just before the invoice period, as hosting fees already paid for the larger package cannot be reimbursed.
No activation fees

No activation fees

Installation and activation of your hosting account is included in our offer. There are no extra charges for this service.

Service level agreement

SLA (Service Level Agreement)

Hoststar’s quality guarantee (SLA) includes all offers and products. This agreement defines quality standards that Hoststar promises to deliver to you, its customer.
These quality standards include items such as network and server availability, connection capacity, customer support and backup of legal data stored on Hoststar’s infrastructure.

Pay by credit card

Payment forms & invoicing period

You receive payment information by email after an online order has been placed. You can settle the outstanding invoice using either payment slip by post, e-banking or credit card.
Recurring invoicing occurs annually, always 60 days before the end of the subscription period and is sent by email. So please keep your contact email address up-to-date!

30-day money back guarantee

30-day money back guarantee

You have enough time to test our service thoroughly. If in the first 30 days after placing your order you are not happy with Hoststar as your service provider or with your product, you can cancel the subscription within this time and we guarantee that we will fully reimburse you. Simply send us an email at

Quality doesn’t always have to be expensive - Try us and find out for yourself.


Service – Pictures

Images play an important role in the creation of websites, and also print media and newsletters. At Hoststar, you can choose the right picture from over 1 million images. Your advantage as a webhosting customer of Hoststar is not only a vast selection of images, but also the integration of the largest free image library in the world!

Detailed information on Pictures


Service – Software

Countless fully automated and installable programs like forums, content management systems or blogs are available to you as a Hoststar customer. Free of charge. Select your preferred program and install it with a single click.

Quick. Simple. Helpful.

More information about Software


Service – Coach

Do you need help with your web projects?  Hoststar offers you, our customer, a network of qualified and reviewed partners. This is where you will find the right partner, define your project specifications and contact the specialists or the coach directly.

Additional information about Coach


Service – Mobile

You can even manage your hosting data while on the move using Hoststar apps for iPhone and Android, and mobile-ready websites. From address changes to invoices and PHP settings, Hoststar apps can help!

More information about Mobile


Service – Monitoring

Continuous server monitoring is very useful and  its data can be viewed at any time. You can quickly tell if all services on your servers are functioning properly – in real time!

In My Panel, you can review status messages regarding server availability at any time. The following services are displayed in this area:
HTTP, FTP, POP3, IMAP, SMTP, MySQL, spam filter, DNS, virus scanner and log files.

More information about Monitoring


Service – SEO (search engine optimisation)

To attain a high position in today’s search engine results or even to be found at all, there are a few things you simply have to know. We’ll give you our tips and links.

More information about SEO


Service – Statistics

Whether graphically elegant and informative statistics or website analysis tools, with Hoststar it’s all included in your hosting package.

Additional information on statistics


Service – MailPro

MailPro offers you a business email package with a complete groupware solution. With MailPro you are always reachable and you always have access to your data. Whether on a computer, notebook, smartphone or tablet: your data is synchronised in real time so that you are always up-to-date wherever you are.

More information about MailPro

Web Apps

Service – Web Apps

A multitude of online services makes your working day easier and supports private users. Hoststar offers a specific selection of software, programs and tools that you can use every day, sometimes for free, sometimes for a charge.

More information about Web Apps

Software & technologies
Linux server

Linux servers

We run only Linux systems (openSUSE, Ubuntu and CentOS) in the Hoststar server farm. Linux is a stable server environment that can be adapted to particular requirements. Furthermore, the entire Hoststar server farm is protected by cutting-edge firewall technology. We give everything we have to ensure that the software on our servers is always up-to-date.

Apache 2 web server

Hosting with Apache 2 web server

All of Hoststar’s web servers run Apache 2 software, the most popular and comprehensive web server in the world.



PHP is a web-programming language that enables you to create dynamic web pages relatively easily. There are virtually no limits; PHP can be combined with other programming languages (e.g. JavaScript) and also with HTML and can access databases.

PHP is used to create websites with dynamic content such as online shops, content management systems, web applications and much more. Accessing different databases is easy to accomplish with PHP.

We always offer you a selection of the latest PHP versions, which you can specify individually for each directory in your web hosting.



Perl is a free, platform-independent programming language that can be used to write counters, form evaluators or guestbooks that can then be run on websites. Perl scripts must be kept in the CGI-BIN directory, which is pre-installed on our servers.

MySQL 5 database server

MySQL (database server)

MySQL is a server software for creating and querying complex databases. MySQL is most often used in conjunction with the programming language PHP.
In addition to the pre-installed MySQL database, you also have the practical module «phpMyAdmin» at your disposal. This tool helps you create and manage your database content.

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phpMyAdmin – Database administration tool

phpMyAdmin, installed on our servers, is an administration tool that makes managing MySQL databases easy.  Using the tool requires no knowledge of SQL, as the databases can be structured via the user interface. The databases are first created in My Panel in your Hosting Control Panel.

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A cronjob is a task that is automatically executed by the computer in the background at defined intervals. The function is used when data needs to be processed at regular intervals. You can set up your own cronjobs in My Panel (Hosting → Settings → Cronjobs).



Sendmail is a mail-transfer agent, or a computer program that transfers emails from one computer to another. Sendmail is a classic program, the most well-known of its type.

Mod-rewrite (htaccess)

Mod-rewrite (htaccess)

The rewrite module enables you to automatically redirect calls to a defined web address (URL) – one managed by your web server – to another web address. This means, for example, that web addresses remain valid during a change to the file hierarchy. This features contributes to user-friendliness and makes your website easy to find in search engines.

JavaScript & SSI

JavaScript & SSI (Server-Side-Includes)

JavaScript (JS) is a scripting language that was originally developed for dynamic HTML in web browsers. Typical applications are data checks, data transfer without reloading the web browser’s page or spoofing email addresses to thwart spam.

SSI (Server Side Includes) enables the automatic updating of a website’s content on the web server. You can also use this technology to read variables such as the current time or date.

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