Got an idea for a project? We have the experts!

Coach – Your personal network of experts

Do you have a question about your new website? Coach from Hoststar offers you support from experts on specific aspects of your new website. Coach can help you find the right partner for realising your project, whether you need web design, help installing your CMS, a shop solution or a mobile app.

(Service available soon)

Key information at a glance

What exactly is Coach?

Coach is a network of experts that was put together exclusively for Hoststar customers. This network includes a select range of service providers who cover all aspects of operating a website. The spectrum ranges from advice on selecting a CMS, programming tasks all the way to the creation of text and image content.

How do I access this service?

As a customer, you can access Coach directly from My Panel. There you will find a complete list of experts. If you would like to contact an appropriate provider, you can do this by simply clicking, and your contact details will be sent automatically to the respective provider.

How exactly does this work?

Clicking the 'Coach' button in My Panel takes you to this area. You can either use the full-text search or a visual decision making aid to search for a suitable provider. Select the topic you need assistance with, and set parameters such as the scope and budget of your project. Suitable providers are then shown in a list sorted alphabetically.

Can I trust the providers?

The Coach network puts quality over quantity. All providers have been contacted personally by Hoststar and are verified during a personal interview to assess their qualifications as a provider. Only after they have been verified are the providers included as partners in the Coach network. In addition, all providers are customers of Hoststar.

What is the benefit for me? 

The benefit for you as a customer is obvious: a clear, well-structured selection of providers who can help you with your website projects, sorted according to the criteria that best meet your needs. Because all providers in the network are also customers of Hoststar, they are familiar with our hardware and software landscape, including My Panel. They can also provide quick, direct support without requiring much prior information.

How much can I expect to pay? 

Coach is a free service for customers and providers. Once you have found a provider suitable for your needs, you contact them yourself and then communicate only with them directly. The cost of the services depends on the scope of your project and should always be discussed with the provider before getting started with the project.