Web Apps

Whether Google or Microsoft apps – you can integrate them directly

SaaS for more flexibility and agility

Web Apps now also give small businesses the opportunity to use professional software at affordable prices. SaaS stands for Software as a Service. For you, this means not having to invest in infrastructure, the benefits of simple and fast implementation and always having the latest software versions. Save yourself the hassle of tedious installations and expensive infrastructures and use only the software solution best suited to your needs. Simple order process in My Panel!



Wherever you or your employees happen to be at a given time, they always have quick and secure access to all data and can use any operating system. Web Apps provide complete freedom for your benefit.



No expensive surprises thanks to transparent flat fees. The software is accessed from the Internet, saving you from having to invest money and personnel in IT, making the costs per user easy to calculate.



Our modern IT infrastructure gives you maximum security. Through constant monitoring by experts, software as a service (SaaS) provides data security in addition to maintenance of the entire IT system and program updates.



Our servers are operated in modern, powerful data centres. By using SaaS and eliminating dedicated energy-intensive infrastructure, you can make an important contribution to protecting the environment.