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Manage aliases

Support > MailPro > MailPro configuration

If you wish to use a MailPro email address for which you have not set up a mailbox, but instead have emails forwarded directly to an existing MailPro email address, you can create an email alias.

Follow these steps:

1. Log in

Log into My Panel (
(Log into My Panel)

2. Selection

Select the «Mail» → «MailPro» menu item.

3. Select subscription and domain

Select your subscription and the matching domain for which you would like to add an email alias address for your MailPro subscription.

4. Addresses

Now select the «Addresses» area. The Addresses view will now be displayed.

5. Details view

Click on the «drop-down arrow» for the desired email address in order to access the detail view of that address.

6. Button display

You will now see various buttons. Click «Manage aliases». You can now add and/or delete aliases.

1. Add alias

In the pop-up window that now appears, enter the new alias email address. Here, under «email address (local section)», enter the desired alias address and then click on «Add».

2. Save

Repeat these steps until you have entered all of the desired alias email addresses, then click «Save».

3. Overview

The alias email addresses entered are now valid and will be displayed in the detail view for the relevant email address.

1. Delete alias

To delete an alias email address, click on the «Manage aliases» button in the detail view for the relevant MailPro email address.

2. Remove alias address

In the pop-up window that now appears, the alias addresses are displayed under «Current recipients». To delete an alias, click on the «X icon» for the relevant address.

3. Save

Once you have removed the alias address, click on the «Save» button to save your changes.

4. Overview

The changes made are now valid and will be displayed in the detail view for the relevant email address.