New website and new products

19. July 2017 - V. Carbone - General

We are pleased to present our new website and new products. After five years of intensive development work, our customers can now benefit from new and expanded products, such as Designer, our new website design software, and Cloud storage for every hosting subscription. We have also given the Control Panel and My Account areas a complete overhaul – they have been combined to create the new My Panel. In future, customers only need a single login to access all the features of their account.

We have been working intensively on the new website and our new features for more than five years.
Our customers will now receive 10 to 40 GB of Cloud storage for their hosting subscriptions. Customers can store documents, images, videos and other files centrally and access them from anywhere via an internet connection.
Designer is replacing StarPagemaker. Our customers can now create professional websites in just a few steps. It offers a range of high-quality, visually appealing and contemporary designs to choose from. Designer's features mean that no-one needs extensive technical skills to design a website. Our customers can create the website directly in their browser window and design it according to their personal requirements and ideas. Designer is included in our hosting packages for all new customers. Existing customers can upgrade to Designer if desired.

Expanded email solution

MailPro is a new email solution with expanded functions. In addition to standard functions, features such as contacts, appointments and files can be enabled and synchronised for other MailPro contacts. MailPro is especially suited to the requirements of SMEs and is considerably cheaper than the solutions of our competitors.

My Panel

The previous Control Panel and My Account areas have been replaced by the new My Panel. Customers now have one login for all technical and administrative settings. The login for My Panel can also be used for additional services. We have made every effort to ensure that My Panel is intuitive and easy to use. There is also a range of configuration options available for My Panel.


Shop enables customers to create a professional online shop in just a few steps. Our professional, high-quality designs and range of expansion options give our customers a great deal of creative freedom.