We are the first Austrian web host to offer super-fast hosting with NVMe storage

11. March 2019 - V. Carbone - Products

We have renewed our web servers. The new servers offer many advantages and the best website performance at the usual low Hoststar price. With the new server generation, we are igniting the website turbo thanks to NVMe and HTTP/2, among... Read more

The new domain for ethereum and blockchain projects: .luxe

05. November 2018 - V. Carbone - Products

Blockchain projects have mad headlines in recent years. With the new domain extension «.luxe» now, a domain offers additional functions for the blockchain network ethereum. The new “.luxe” domain extension will be launched on November 6th, costing CHF 24.90 from Hoststar.... Read more

Free SSL is new with Let's Encrypt and is active by default

01. February 2017 - V. Carbone - Products

We have adjusted our FreeSSL offering. An SSL certificate from Let's Encrypt is now automatically generated and installed for each domain and subdomain. In the future, FreeSSL will include a fully-fledged domain-validated SSL certificate from Let's Encrypt. As a customer,... Read more

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